IMAGE: Werker 2 — a visual history of the young worker (2011) addresses the Museum by interrogating the relation of the ordinary man with History. From our collection of Worker Photographer publications and other documents depicting labour compiled in second-hand bookstores and antiquaries from Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and U.S.A, we articulate a visual History of Labour centered around the figure of the Young Worker.

Printed: Novoprint Spain / Edition: 500 copies / Format: 420 × 297 / Paper: Cyclus Offset & Martyr Gloss / In collaboration with Marc Roig Blesa. Exhibited at ‘1979. A Monument to Radical Instants’ La Virreina Centre de la Imatge. Barcelona, Spain. To order a copy visit Motto Distribution. Werker 2 — A Visual History of the Young Worker